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After painting the Focke Wulf 190

Yeah… Yeah.. I know, I know..
I’m not good at painting. I need to enhance my painting skill.
It took about 1 year to complete this Focke Wulf 190. Tomorrow, I guess I will glue the wings to its fueselage.
Yesterday, after just inserting horizontal tail and the main wing, i tried gliding it.
Unlike the previous Cessna, it flew very fast like an arrow. I guess it is because of its low-positioned main wing. The gliding angle was pretty good. I may not need to attach any weight clay to it.
Without the clay, it looks that the nose is heavy enough. Last question is if it needs up thrust or down thrust of its propeller?


Focke Wulf, after being sandpapered

The Horizontal Tail Wing

The Main Wing

The Fuselage

Sandpapered too much.

A main wing of Focke Wulf

I took these photos a few months ago.
This time, it is very slow to assemble the Focker Wulf.


This is the Focke Wulf Guillow series 500 model.

Let’s compare it with my previous Cessna.

It is really a small airplane.
I can’t wait until I start assebling it!

Very successful flight in this morning

Today, it seems to be odd and very lucky.
For a few past weeks, my Cessna has been crashed, and its main wing has been broken.
I found out that the angle for the main wing was quite wrong this morning.
However I tried it. Ah…. I forgot that the down thrust was not fixed.
So, after doing excercise at the Griffith park ( and playing with my R/C Tamiya Hornet buggy car ), I inserted 3 card board strip into the upper side of where the propellar is attached.
After winding the propellar 150 times, I launched it.
It flew…………..really.. really well.
If its propellar wound 150 times, it was supposed to go up really fast, in other words, hiking up.
But due to the re-adjusted thrust, it flew very smoothly.
If I launched it a little bit more upward, it would have increased its altitude. However it flew without hiking up! It also landed very smoothly. No more crash!!!
I think it could have winded more than 150 and Ok with it, because with 150 times of winding, it slowly lowered its altitude, with more winding, it will go up without hiking up.

However about 250 or more winding, the rubber was cut off. So, I had to prepare the rubber band.

I am satisfied with today’s flight!
I am sorry that i couldn’t record it with a video recorder.
Well.. well…… do I need to buy a camcorder for this? 🙂
No way!!!

What did I do?

Um……….. Yesterday night, something happened to me.
I was supposed to look around at a hobby shop.

It flied and……. broken

I went to the Griffith Park this morning as usual. I couldn’t wait for its flight.
Because I was quite sure about the thrust and its gliding capability this time, I rotated the propellar about 150 times. What happened? It flew very well. However unfortunately, there was no wind at all. So, it couldn’t take advantage of air much.

So, I flew it a few times. All flight was OK although it couldn’t reach high.
However I didn’t recognize that it tends to glide to right side. Last time, the vertical tail was torn off from the body. So, I glued it. The angle was changed, so it didn’t glide in straight line.
So, I rotated the propellar about 230 times. It is a huge improvement!
The maximum before was around 130~140.
Applying glycerin really helped. It made longer power and smoother rotation of the propellar. So, the flight was improved a lot.

Anyway.. while it was landing, my Cessna 150 leaned toward right side, and the horizontal tail was broken. Here are the pictures of the borkne tail.

I would like to make an R/C airplane this time.
Probably 2ch or 3ch. Which would be better? Aileron-based one of a rudder-based one?
I think it should be at least 3ch. 1 for motor, 1 for aileron or rudder, and 1 for elevator.